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Japanese Gremlins Toy Update!

As 2006 winded down, I thought the same as many, that 2007 would be slow on news and new Gremins Merchandise

So far, I am proud to state that I was incredibly wrong.


Left to right: Black and white Stripe, Gangster Gremlin, and Regular/Normal Gremlin.
These are the three newest additions to the increasingly breathtaking Japanese-only gremlins ranks.

On Friday, I mentioned one of our readers, Andrew informed me of these figures, but I had not seen the Regular Gremlin toy, so he sent me some fantastic photos of it, along with the B&W Stripe and the previous versions of Stripe that were released by Jun Planning.

(full pictures and more after the break)


 There he is, our good buddy stripe in black and white.

Here is the Normal Gremlin, the paint job does not seem as detailed as some of the previous gremlins offerings, notably in the face, but is very high quality nonetheless.

A little more info on these toys was shared with me by kurumayaa, who directed me to a site of the company that is offering the limited edition Normal Gremlin ( where I found an ad with price and ordering information.

(Click on the picture for the full size image)

What I can gather from this is that Y.Y. Boueki will release the 19″ Normal Gremlin on January 21 for 12,600 yen, which is currently $103.74 (USD). It is apparently a Limited Edition, and there are only 300 made. (this is not to say there won’t be a similar normal gremlin in the future, but this specific version is the limited edition one.)


There are some more Jun Planning/Bandit gremlins collectables on the way that readers have tipped me on, but I want to verify exactly what is new, what’s old but rare, and what is coming soon before posting more. 

If you can translate the Japanese on the sites or the ad, please let me know, so we can get all the information possible together ASAP!

2 responses to “Japanese Gremlins Toy Update!

  1. john November 29, 2007 at 5:48 am

    i have all of them expect the bandit

  2. Andrew January 26, 2007 at 3:00 am

    i want to get them all!!

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