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I was just checking the incoming links and noticed Gremlins Online is listed #93 of todays “Blogs of The Day”!

That is pretty awesome, today #93…tommorow, who knows, Gremlins Online could be…….#92!

Also, a note in response to a few emails and noticing the search terms that have brought some people here, you will not find the full movie of Gremlins or Gremlins 2: the new batch here. Nor will you find links to streaming versions of them, which apparently exist.

Look, the movies can be found in almost any format, for less than 15$….cheaper if you buy them used, or buy them together!
Just go out, buy them, or rent them from your local video store.
If you are a fan of Gremlins, I really feel it is best that you support the filmmakers and show them that there is a market for Gremlins 3, and that will not happen if everyone just downloads the movies. Vote with your wallets folks!

Buy Gremlins 1 AND 2 for cheap at!
(For those who don’t want to look up the info themselves.)

I just want to make sure that we are doing our part to encourage the studios to continue with our favorite film franchise, and they will only do that if they see that we will spend good money on a feature film!



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