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Fan Art Friday #4

Well it is that time again, time for Fan Art!

As always we have some new submissions that makes my little green gremlin lovin’ heart go pitter pat, and remember, if you have some of your own, please send them to me! Also, be sure to tell gremlins artists you know to shoot me an email and I will be glad to talk to them about putting some fan art here.


What’s Mohawk grinning about? Well it’s Fan Art Friday of course!

 Mohawk could also be excited for next week’s themed Fan Art Friday….Want to know what that theme will be?
Guess you will just have to check out the rest of the post after the break!

Next week will be a more-special-than-usual (that could be considered ‘uberspecial’) Fan Art Friday, featuring Gremlins Tattoos!
Do YOU have a gremlins tattoo? Just send a pic to before next thursday and I will get it into the gallery. Be sure to let me know who you are, the site or email you would like me to link back to, and the shop you got it done at! I know there are lots of gremlins fans who would love to get a tattoo of mr. futterman on their chest, but they need to know reliable places to go, so be sure to include that info as well!

If you are a tattoo artist or you design tattoos yourself, send in the templates and they can go up too!
I can’t wait till I have the cash to get a nice gremlin tat done myself!
I am thinking stripe….but where to put it? Any ideas? Post a comment!

Special thanks as always to Klobber and Silvermoonlight for this weeks submissions. I am sure we will be seeing more of them as the weeks go on!

I plan on doing a Christmas themed Fan Art Friday or two throughout december, so send in those christmas gremlins, since nothing says christmas than little green creatures caroling outside your door!


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