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Updates, and Fan Art Friday #3

Sorry about last week’s missed post, but there were some problems with my internets, some gremlins if you will….but I turned on all the lights, and after the last green scaley creature ran out of my bedroom, I grabbed some more great art for all you loyal fans!

Today’s Fan Art Friday is some more fantastic work from fans around the world, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Check it out if you haven’t already!

A couple updates:

First, there is no new word on the Gremlins Board Game by NECA, which was supposed to be releasing last month or early this month. As always, I will post the minute I learn anything new!

Secondly, there is this:


That is a 3 foot Gizmo Pillow. I know some of you may have seen this around, but it is more widely available now than it was previously. I saw it in a store near my house called “MakeAScene” which is similar to a Hot Topic, just much smaller.
I believe it was 39.99, but I am positive you can find it cheaper if you look a bit online!

The official NECA site has it shown as well:
Interestingly, they also show the stationary set on their site but I have yet to see it in any stores for myself.
Ah well, I am sure we will see more gremlins related items in the next month or so, as christmas nears, and people have a crush on having yet another item with “cute little gizmo” on it. Come on! Where is the gremlins love? Let’s see a stripe T-shirt or maybe a 12″ Flasher Gremlin!

Anyways, that is all for now, Thanks for keeping up with the site, and if you have anything to submit, be sure to send it to with the subject GREMLINS ONLINE SUBMISSION (all caps so I don’t ignore it!)

Special Thanks to this weeks artists: Trixen, Piti, and Marmazu.
Thanks as always to you contributing your hard work to Gremlins Online.


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