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New Video & Fan Art Friday #2!

It is Friday The 13th! Do you have your hockey mask and machete ready?
(Sorry, just watched Friday the 13th part VII: THE NEW BLOOD, and have been in a “voorhees mood” lately, that is, I have been debating the merits of  each F13 movie with my good friend Eric, and learning more than I ever really needed to know about the series.)

Anyways, back to Gremlins! Today we have two fantastic new additions to the gallery, by MR-PHiLL and Delun!

Also, there is a new addition to the Video Vault: Juggernaut vs Gizmo! The matchup you never thought you would have the pleasure to see, so check it out!

Well looks like I am an hour or two too late to get this picture up, but its even more appropriate now.

Baby Jason
Poor Baby Jason (By Astrozerk04), he missed Friday the 13th by a few hours, and now doesn’t know what to do with his machete. 

Special Thanks to MR-PHiLL, Delun, and Astrozerk04 for allowing me to add their works to the gallery.
Great work guys, and I know that many of our readers will be checking out your galleries soon, since everyone loves a good scare on Friday the 13th.

Delun has a ton of fantstic Anime/Horror inspired art that you will come back to time and time again, while MR-PHiLL has the darkly comic sense that made the original Gremlins film so appealing!
In the upcoming weeks, I plan on doing some more themes, and adding some more videos as I come across them.
As always, be sure to email me to submit your videos, fan art, fanfiction, or just to chat gremlins!


One response to “New Video & Fan Art Friday #2!

  1. john June 30, 2007 at 12:01 pm

    its good but it has nuthin to do wit gremliins

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