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Fan Art Fridays! The Gallery Is Up!!

More Exclamation Points!!!!

Yes, ladies and Gremlins, the long-awaited gremlins fan art gallery is up! It is still small, but I have more that will be added as time goes on.

Just click on the Fan Art Gallery link on the top of the page to check all the awesome pictures out.

Another Gremlins Fanart by Nuthacker
Just a sample of what you will find in the Gallery!

This is, by far one of the most exciting parts of doing the site, bringing in user-created content and getting to know these artistic people. I also plan on updating it every Friday with few new pictures. So be sure to come back often and see what is new!

I personally have no artistic talent in the traditional respect, heck, I can’t even draw a stick figure… I admire those that can draw gremlins like some you will see, as legends.

Special thanks to this week’s artists!

Keep up the great work guys and we cant wait to see more!


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