Gremlins Online!

Your home for all things Gremlins & New Logo!

Thanks to Microsoft Office Live, Gremlins Online will now have a domain name!
That’s right kids! You will soon be able to access Gremlins Online from !! will mainly be a splash page that links to this and possibly other gremlin-riffic sites across the world wide “intrawebs”. You will still be able to access this site through but it will be easier to give people the dot-com address when telling your friends about this awesome site!

I will post another update when the domain name is up and running.

That being said and done, we also have a brand new logo that you can see a snippet of at the top of the blog, and the full sized one will be on the page! The art once again is the fantastic gremlin and gizmo by my good friend, the amazing Vinzend ! (his site is currently under construction so expect a crazy awesome site from him in the near future!)

The next projects I have on my Gremlins Online To-Do lists are some fan art / fanfic pages and updating the “about” section, followed by some fun surprises as the year winds down!

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