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A Tidbit Of Gremlins 3 Info?

The folks over at interviewed Joe Dante last month for his Masters of Horror project, who said a very interesting something about Gremlins 3 and if it will ever happen….


LR: I’ve heard rumors of a “Gremlins 3”. Any truth?

JD: “Gremlins 3”! Well, I’m sure there will be one. I know I won’t have anything to do with it. They won’t ask me. But the goal with “Gremlins 2” was to make sure there wouldn’t be a “Gremlins 3”. If there is a “Gremlins 3” they’re welcome to it. I think what’s holding it up is that they can’t conceive of what to do because the first movies were defined by the technology, it was what the puppets could do and do well and not do and that’s what the movies became. Now you could do anything with CGI so the field is so open that nobody could focus on what exactly it should be. I can’t say I’m looking forward to seeing it.

So nothing really new that we didn’t know already, Joe probably won’t have anything to do with it, and he really dislikes the idea of CGI Gremlins running around.

Ah well, the interview is a very good read, and there is another mention or two of gremlins that you will have to check out for yourself…

 Overall, it has been slow in gremlins related info, but the Gremlins 3 rumor mill seems to be starting up yet again as it does every so many years…who knows? maybe this time we will get some more Gremliny fun!

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